Location Analytics & Geo-Marketing

With our Location Analytics suite, we help our clients quantify vehicle impacts, exposure times, and impact routes of their exterios publicity and locations.

Areas Of Influence

We calculate areas of influence by driving times according to historical traffic, that is, we help our clients know the market that can reach their location in under a certain amount of minutes.

Traffic can reduce a location's area of influence up to 10 times.

Location Visibility

We analize a location's visibility for our clients, identifying zones and streets with high vehicle concentrations with visual layers on the map and calculating the number of vehicles that pass through those locations each day.

Exposure Times

We calculate the average time that, according to historical traffic data, a vehicle is exposed to a publicity space on the street or a store location.

Origin-Destination Patterns

We identify zones in which trips ending close to our clients' locations originate, helping them identify their captive population's characteristics.

APIs relevant for Location Analytics & Geo-Marketing

Our API suite allows integrating mobility information and intelligence to your projects from Mexico's largest data network.

Isochrone Maps

We identify the market that can realistically reach a location according to historical traffic.

Vehicle Flow

We quantify impact and exposure of locations to the vehicle fleet.

Origin - Destination Patterns

We identify the origins and destinations of people in an area or location.

Vehicle Affluence Map

With dynamic visualizations, we identify the streets and intersections with greater vehicle affluence.

Street Speed Map

With dynamic visualizations we identify average speeds of streets and intersections.

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