With mobility historical information we help our clients evaluate, plan, design, measure and optimize their logistic and distribution networks' performance.

Route Planning and Logistics

With information analysis tailored for our clients, we help evaluate and obtain visiblity on planning and operating routes, analyzing time profiles of routes, expected delays because of traffic, recurring incidents like roadworks or markets that can affect their routes.

Real-time Transport Operartion

With real-time information systems we monitor traffic, weather, tolls, gas, and other factores to create a resilient suply chain.

Logistics relevant APIs

Our API suite allows you to integrate mobility information and intelligence from the broadest mobility data network into your your projects.

Historical Information

For logistics consulting, market research, urban development, etc.

Real-time Information

With millions of real-time mobility reports we empower platforms with automated information and analytics.

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Contact us to add mobility intelligence to your platforms, developments and projects.

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