Smart Cities

We help cities and road operators optimize the city's mobility with data and analytics, synchronizing traffic lights, avoiding traffic jams, automating public transportation information systems, and creating indicators and control panels in real time.

Public transportation in real time

We automate public transportation information systems, giving the end-user updated information about ETAs of buses and other public transportation vehicles.

Optimizing urban mobility

We generate "green waves" through smart synchronization of traffic lights by looking at real-time traffic.

Real-time information on the street

We feed smart signal systems with dynamic travel times on the streets.

Smart Cities relevant APIs

Our API suite allows you to integrate mobility information and intelligence from the broadest mobility data network into your your projects.

Real-time information

With millions of real-time mobility reports we empower platforms with automated information and analytics.

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Contact us to add mobility intelligence to your platforms, developments and projects.

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