Satellite Tracking & Fleet Administration

By integrating our intelligence motor for routes into satellite tracking and fleet administrtion we help out clients plan, operate, and optimize their routes in real time, making not only individual trops, but the whole operation of a company more effective, reducing costs and making customer service better.

If you are a satellite tracking or fleet administration provider, SinTrafico can help you complement your service offer with innovative mobility and routing tools, making you standout from competition and generating additional revenue at no cost.

Route Optimization

We optimize distribution routes based on historical traffic of each day and time, finding the optimal order in which a route's stops should be visited. Then, in real time, we reevaluate and adjust routes based on real-time mobility conditions like traffic jams, protests, etc.

We have increased up to 12% the number of destinations visited by our clients in a day.


With real-time control panels we monitor and alert our users with the status of each route, identifying ETAs, delays, and optimized adjustments to their planned routes.

Tailored Routes

We create routes tailored for our clients' needs, including top speeds allowed for their vehicles, stops at gas stations, parking lot availability, weather forecast, toll costs and even bicycle or pedestrian routes.

Satellite Tracking & Fleet Administration relevant APIs

Our API suite allows you to integrate mobility information and intelligence from the broadest mobility data network into your your projects.

Smart Routing

Based on our data and official sources of information, we generate the optimal route, scheduled or in real time, for an origin and a destination.

Dynamic and Multidestiny Routing

We optimize order and route that an operator should follow to visit the greatest number of customers in the least amount of time.

Smart Matrix

We identify which operator should visit which destination considering real-time traffic data.

Route Monitoring

Real-time route monitoring systems detect delays and indicators to make real-time decisions.

Points of Interest

With dynamic mobility layers, we visualize incidents, parking lots, toll booths, weather, gas stations, shared bicycles and more.

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