Insurance and Roadside Assistance

With our real-time dispatch system we help our clients reduce their response time by up to 15% and to keep their customers informed, minute by minute, of the progress of travel towards them.

Assistance Services Assignation

The closest adjuster is not the one to arrive faster! Taking into account real-time speeds and road incidents, we generate a route and an ETA for each available adjuster to the location, identifying the one with the shortest ETA to the customer.

We have reduced up to 15% our clients' arrival time to their customers.


With real-time control panels we monitor and alert our users with the status of each route, identifying ETAs, delays, and optimized adjustments to their planned routes.

Insurance and Roadside Assistance relevant APIs

Our API suite allows you to integrate mobility information and intelligence from the broadest mobility data network into your your projects.

Smart Matrix

We identify which operator should go to each destination based on real-time traffic data.

Route Monitoring

Real-time route monitoring systems detect delays and indicators to make real-time decisions.

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